The peroxidase database

Recent Updates

Orthogroup identification and graphical display (November 2015)
Homologous relationships (orthologs and paralogs) have been established thanks to OrthoMCL sofware. Membership to an orthogroup is visible from each individual peroxidase page. Access to the orthogroups is also possible from the "Browse the database" and "Analysis from input" menus.

New sequence display (September 2015)
The protein sequence is displayed with color alternance according to exon position when available

New Publication PeroxiBase: a database for large-scale evolutionary analysis of peroxidases. (Fawal & al. 2013)
A new Publication about the Peroxibase has been published, describing the new tools, procedures and interface changes.

New Profiles specifique for Basidiomycota (August 2012)
Three new classes of Basidiomycota were identified (BA,BB,BC), therefore specific profiles for these classes were created and those of Mn/VP/Li were updated.

New Software: GECA:Gene Evolution and Conservation analysis (Fawal & al. 2012)
GECA is a new software developped in order to easily compare and analyse the Evolution of gene structures in Eucaryota.


12 805 sequences are currently recorded.