The peroxidase database

The orthogroup CIIBC001 is composed of 27 sequences in 7 species

Click here to see a graphical representation of the species in this orthogroup.

Id Name Taxon/Class Number of sequences Show tree Select
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71668 Agrocybe praecox Basidiomycota 1 Show Show tree
109633 Galerina marginata Basidiomycota 12 Show Show tree
76867 Hebeloma cylindrosporum Basidiomycota 3 Show Show tree
71945 Hypholoma sublateritium Basidiomycota 4 Show Show tree
89243 Laccaria amethystina Basidiomycota 1 Show Show tree
29883 Laccaria bicolor Basidiomycota 1 Show Show tree
40492 Stereum hirsutum Basidiomycota 5 Show Show tree

Id Name Organism View Select
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10800 ApraCIIBC01 Agrocybe praecox View
11890 GmarCIIBC Galerina marginata View
11874 GmarCIIBC04 Galerina marginata View
11882 GmarCIIBC10 Galerina marginata View
11875 GmarCIIBC05 Galerina marginata View
11884 GmarCIIBC12 Galerina marginata View
11876 GmarCIIBC06 Galerina marginata View
11885 GmarCIIBC13 Galerina marginata View
11871 GmarCIIBC01 Galerina marginata View
11879 GmarCIIBC07 Galerina marginata View
11886 GmarCIIBC14 Galerina marginata View
11872 GmarCIIBC02 Galerina marginata View
11881 GmarCIIBC09 Galerina marginata View
10528 HcyCIIBC01 Hebeloma cylindrosporum View
10529 HcyCIIBC02 Hebeloma cylindrosporum View
10531 HcyCIIBC03 Hebeloma cylindrosporum View
10555 HsubCIIBC01 Hypholoma sublateritium View
10559 HsubCIIBC03 Hypholoma sublateritium View
10556 HsubCIIBC02 Hypholoma sublateritium View
10562 HsubCIIBC04 Hypholoma sublateritium View
11732 LameCIIBC01 Laccaria amethystina View
6535 LbiCIIBC01 Laccaria bicolor View
8505 ShirCIIBC05 Stereum hirsutum View
8506 ShirCIIBC06 Stereum hirsutum View
8501 ShirCIIBC03 Stereum hirsutum View
Id Name Organism View Select
All | Invert | None
8502 ShirCIIBC02 Stereum hirsutum View
8503 ShirCIIBC04 Stereum hirsutum View
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