The peroxidase database

The orthogroup NAnPrx001 is composed of 16 sequences in 7 species

Click here to see a graphical representation of the species in this orthogroup.

Id Name Taxon/Class Number of sequences Show tree Select
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159749 Thalassiosira oceanica Bacillariophyta (diatoms) 1 Show Show tree
6085 Hydra magnipapillata Cnidaria 1 Show Show tree
6082 Hydra viridis Cnidaria 1 Show Show tree
6087 Hydra vulgaris Cnidaria 9 Show Show tree
344056 Caligus clemensi Ecdysozoa 1 Show Show tree
217165 Caligus rogercresseyi Ecdysozoa 2 Show Show tree
400682 Amphimedon queenslandica (sponge) Porifera (sponges) 1 Show Show tree

Id Name Organism View Select
All | Invert | None
11256 AqNAnPrx01 Amphimedon queenslandica (sponge) View
7152 CaclNAnPrx01 Caligus clemensi View
7150 CaroNAnPrx01 Caligus rogercresseyi View
7151 CaroNAnPrx02 Caligus rogercresseyi View
2806 HmNAnPrx Hydra magnipapillata View
2285 HviNAnPrx01 Hydra viridis View
13336 HvuNAnPrx04 Hydra vulgaris View
13342 HvuNAnPrx10 Hydra vulgaris View
13337 HvuNAnPrx05 Hydra vulgaris View
13343 HvuNAnPrx11 Hydra vulgaris View
13338 HvuNAnPrx06 Hydra vulgaris View
13340 HvuNAnPrx08 Hydra vulgaris View
2807 HvuNAnPrx01 Hydra vulgaris View
13334 HvuNAnPrx02 Hydra vulgaris View
13341 HvuNAnPrx09 Hydra vulgaris View
11625 TocNAnPrx1 Thalassiosira oceanica View
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