The peroxidase database

The orthogroup Prx042 is composed of 20 sequences in 7 species

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Id Name Taxon/Class Number of sequences Show tree Select
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80379 Capsicum chinense (Scotch bonnet) Eudicotyledons 1 Show Show tree
4120 Ipomoea batatas (sweet potato) Eudicotyledons 6 Show Show tree
35884 Ipomoea trifida Eudicotyledons 1 Show Show tree
4081 Lycopersicon esculentum (Tomato) Eudicotyledons 2 Show Show tree
4097 Nicotiana tabacum Eudicotyledons 6 Show Show tree
4102 Petunia x hybrida Eudicotyledons 1 Show Show tree
4113 Solanum tuberosum (Potato) Eudicotyledons 3 Show Show tree

Id Name Organism View Select
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1659 CcPrx01 Capsicum chinense (Scotch bonnet) View
3823 IbPrx04 Ipomoea batatas (sweet potato) View
160 IbPrx03 Ipomoea batatas (sweet potato) View
65 IbPrx09 Ipomoea batatas (sweet potato) View
66 IbPrx01 Ipomoea batatas (sweet potato) View
3809 IbPrx06 Ipomoea batatas (sweet potato) View
161 IbPrx02 Ipomoea batatas (sweet potato) View
1273 ItriPrx01 Ipomoea trifida View
8 LePrx76 Lycopersicon esculentum (Tomato) View
7 LePrx75 Lycopersicon esculentum (Tomato) View
3767 NtPrx13-1A_ALT301 Nicotiana tabacum View
7251 NtPrx27-1A Nicotiana tabacum View
3766 NtPrx12-1A Nicotiana tabacum View
7253 NtPrx27-1B Nicotiana tabacum View
7243 NtPrx12-1B Nicotiana tabacum View
7250 NtPrx13-1A Nicotiana tabacum View
1490 PhPrx04 Petunia x hybrida View
1964 StPrx52 Solanum tuberosum (Potato) View
1981 StPrx66 Solanum tuberosum (Potato) View
152 StPrx72 Solanum tuberosum (Potato) View
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