The peroxidase database

The orthogroup Prx044 is composed of 35 sequences in 4 species

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Id Name Taxon/Class Number of sequences Show tree Select
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34316 Eucalyptus camaldulensis Eudicotyledons 9 Show Show tree
34317 Eucalyptus globulus Eudicotyledons 10 Show Show tree
71139 Eucalyptus grandis Eudicotyledons 10 Show Show tree
3933 Eucalyptus gunnii Eudicotyledons 6 Show Show tree

Id Name Organism View Select
All | Invert | None
10316 EcamPrx[P]07 Eucalyptus camaldulensis View
10388 EcamPrx05 Eucalyptus camaldulensis View
12565 EcamPrx02 Eucalyptus camaldulensis View
10757 EcamPrx[P]03 Eucalyptus camaldulensis View
10442 EcamPrx[P]11 Eucalyptus camaldulensis View
10251 EcamPrx04 Eucalyptus camaldulensis View
10445 EcamPrx[P]06 Eucalyptus camaldulensis View
10252 EcamPrx12 Eucalyptus camaldulensis View
10292 EcamPrx15 Eucalyptus camaldulensis View
10825 EglPrx02 Eucalyptus globulus View
10835 EglPrx12 Eucalyptus globulus View
10829 EglPrx[P]06 Eucalyptus globulus View
10826 EglPrx[P]03 Eucalyptus globulus View
10836 EglPrx13 Eucalyptus globulus View
10827 EglPrx04 Eucalyptus globulus View
10837 EglPrx[P]14 Eucalyptus globulus View
10828 EglPrx05 Eucalyptus globulus View
10838 EglPrx15 Eucalyptus globulus View
10834 EglPrx[P]11 Eucalyptus globulus View
8102 EgrPrx12 Eucalyptus grandis View
8146 EgrPrx02 Eucalyptus grandis View
8105 EgrPrx05 Eucalyptus grandis View
8193 EgrPrx15 Eucalyptus grandis View
8108 EgrPrx[P]11 Eucalyptus grandis View
8015 EgrPrx[P]14 Eucalyptus grandis View
Id Name Organism View Select
All | Invert | None
8111 EgrPrx13 Eucalyptus grandis View
8016 EgrPrx04 Eucalyptus grandis View
8168 EgrPrx[P]06 Eucalyptus grandis View
8144 EgrPrx[P]03 Eucalyptus grandis View
11411 EguPrx02 Eucalyptus gunnii View
12525 EguPrx13 Eucalyptus gunnii View
11412 EguPrx04 Eucalyptus gunnii View
11431 EguPrx12 Eucalyptus gunnii View
11557 EguPrx[P]06 Eucalyptus gunnii View
11567 EguPrx[P]14 Eucalyptus gunnii View
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