Entry information : ZmPrx[P]47
Entry ID 743
Creation 2007-11-14 (Christophe Dunand)
Last sequence changes 2007-11-14 (Christophe Dunand)
Sequence status theoretical translation / pseudogene
Reviewer Qiang Li
Last annotation changes 2014-01-09 (Qiang Li)
Peroxidase information: ZmPrx[P]47
Name ZmPrx[P]47
Class Class III peroxidase     [Orthogroup: Prx057]*
Taxonomy Eukaryota Viridiplantae Streptophyta Monocotyledons Poaceae Zea
Organism Zea mays    [TaxId: 4577 ]
Cellular localisation N/D
Tissue type Silks
Inducer N/D
Repressor N/D
Best BLASTp hits
Perox score E-value ZmPrx[P]47
S start..stop
SbPrx101 534 0 9..337 3..346
SiPrx98 427 1e-151 25..317 10..304
OsPrx64 321 1e-109 24..337 15..338
OsPrx62 320 6e-109 40..337 36..350
Literature and cross-references ZmPrx[P]47
Literature Hunter,B.G. et al., unpublished.
DNA ref. GenBank:   AC199957.4 (122692..118283)   AC194215.3 (1..3967) [3' end]
Protein sequence: ZmPrx[P]47
Sequence Properties
first value : protein
second value (mature protein)
Length (aa): %sProtein length in amino acid 337 (313)
PWM (Da): %sMolecular Weight of protein
Protein Mw is calculated by the addition of average isotopic masses
of amino acids in the protein and the average isotopic mass of one water molecule.
Molecular weight values are given in Dalton (Da).
34826.88 (32470.6) Transmb domain: %sTransmembrane domain
Calculation done with TMHMM
The topology is given as the position of the transmembrane helices
separated by i if the loop is on the inside or o if it is on the outside.
For example i7-29o44-66i87-109o means that it starts on the inside,
has a predicted TMH at position 7 to 29, the outside, then a TMH at position 44-66 etc.
PI (pH): %sIso electric point of protein
Calculation done with EMBOSS parameters.
Please see Dataset for pKi calculation for more information
7.29 (6.88) Peptide Signal: %sProtein signal for mature protein.
if exist :cut position of signal peptide.
range: start-end pos of mature protein
cut: 25 range:25-337
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Remarks Pseudogene sequence from genomic (Chromo 29, introns 1 and 2). No EST. PSs are missing. Contig contains 5 peroxidases ZmPrx 24, 47, 58, 81 and 85.