The peroxidase database

Ever since 2004, the main goal of the PeroxiBase is to centralize most of the peroxidase superfamilies encoding sequences together with the compilation of the information concerning putative functions and transcription regulation. The PeroxiBase also provides annotated and manually checked sequences.With the global overview of several Peroxidase classes phylogeneticaly related, we expect to better understand the evolution of the peroxidase superfamilies among living organism.

Quality problems related to automatic annotation of genomes, assembly and clustering of ESTs are still relevant. At our level, they are especially important as the number of genome sequencing projects has exploded in recent years. In addition to the NGS technologies, we are still faced with the build quality for large multigene families.

To address these quality issues, we continue to produce an expert annotation combined with a semi automatic annotation of genome, proteome and NGS data. Using the highly conserved motifs of each peroxidases class, manual annotation and editing allow identifying clearly the correct sequences even in low quality sequences, updating the existing sequences and increasing the number of annotated sequences.
Schema of the peroxidase superfamily