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Thioredoxin superfamily

  Contact author: Christophe Dunand

  Last update: 2016-08-24 (Christophe Dunand)


Ferredoxin-thioredoxin reductase
Pfam: PF02943 Ferredoxin-thioredoxin reductase catalytic beta chain (FeThRed_B)
Interpro: IPR004209, Ferredoxin thioredoxin reductase catalytic beta subunit

Thioredoxin reductase,
Pfam: PF07992, Pyr_redox_2 and PR00469, PNDRDTASEII
Interpro: IPR023753, FAD/NAD-binding_dom; IPR008255 . Pyr_nucl-diS_OxRdtase_2_AS ,IPR000103 Pyridine_nuc-diS_OxRdtase_2 and IPR005982, Thioredox_Rdtase.

Thioredoxin M-type, Thioredoxin H and Thioredoxin-like
Pfam: PF00085, Thioredoxin
Interpro: IPR005746, Thioredoxin, IPR012336, Thioredoxin-like_fold and IPR013766, Thioredoxin_domain.

Description Thioredoxin is a class of small redox proteins known to be present in all organisms. It plays a role in many important biological processes, including redox signaling. In humans, it is encoded by the TXN gene. Loss-of-function mutation of either of the two human thioredoxin genes is lethal at the four-cell stage of the developing embryo. Although not entirely understood, thioredoxin plays a central role in humans and is increasingly linked to medicine through their response to reactive oxygen species (ROS). In plants, thioredoxins regulate a spectrum of critical functions, ranging from photosynthesis to growth, flowering and the development and germination of seeds. It has also recently been found to play a role in cell-to-cell communication.
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