The peroxidase database
General databases
UniProt Knowledgebase (Swiss-Prot + TrEMBL)
TGI, The Gene Index Project (EST database + compilation)
GeneDB (genome database)
NCBI (genome and EST database)
JGI (genome and EST database)
SUPERFAMILY (genome database)

Plant databases
Plant Genome DataBase (genome and EST database)
Phytozome (comparative genomic)
Plaza (comparative genomic)

Basal Angiosperms
Plant Genome Network (EST database)
Sugi Genome Database
TAIR, The Arabidopsis Information Resource
Brassica @ PGG Bioinformatics
Brassica Genome Gateway @ BBSRC

MENS, Medicago EST Navigation System
Lotus + Chlamydomonas + Cynobacteria @ Kazusa DNA Research Institute

CR-EST: The IPK Crop EST Database
MaizeGDB, Maize Genetics and Genomics Database
RGP, Rice Genome Research Program

Solanaceae Genomic Network.
Heliagene (Helianthus annuus genome project).
Medicinal Plants (Medicinal Plant Genomics Resource).

Unicellular algae
The Galdieria Genome Project

Protist databases
TBestDB, Taxonomically Broad EST Database (Protist EST Program)

Prokaryote databases
CyanoBase (Cyanobacteria genome database)
J. Craig Venter Institute (genome database)

Tools for gene prediction
CDS search

Sofberry (gene finding)
Sofberry (gene finding with similarity)
Webscipio (gene finding with similarity)

Tools for gene expression
PLEXdb (Plant Expression Database)

Tools for promoter analysis
PLACE (Plant Cis-acting Regulatory DNA Elements)
PlantCARE (Cis-Acting Regulatory Element)
Softberry (Recognition of PLANT Regulatory motifs conserved )
OTFBS (Over-represented Transcription Factor Binding Site)
AtcisDB - Arabidopsis cis-regulatory element database
TESS (Transcription Element Search System)
Signal Scan
GRASSIUS (grasses regulatory information)
EP3 (Easy Promoter Prediction Program)
STIFDB [Stress Responsive TranscrIption Factor Database]

Tools for phylogeny analysis (Robust Phylogenetic Analysis For The Non-Specialist)