The peroxidase database

Latest Updates:


May 2015:
New tool: Orthogroups: groups of orthologs and paralogs built from sequences in database using a modified version of OrthoMCL.
Visualisation of ortholog groups using Spacetree.
(2003 Li Li, Christian J. Stoeckert, Jr., & David S. Roos OrthoMCL: Identification of Ortholog Groups for Eukaryotic Genomes)
Mars 2012:
New Profiles for PeroxiScan: New Profiles have been designed and added to PeroxiScan, among which :
Asco Class II type A/B/C that are specific of Ascomycota.
Other class II peroxidase type A/B/C that are specific of Basidiomycota.
September 2011:
New tool: GECA: a fast tool for Gene Evolution and Conservation Analysis in eukaryotic protein families.
(Fawal et al. 2012 GECA : a fast tool for Gene Evolution and Conservation Analysis in eukaryotic protein families.)

Previous Updates:

December 2010:
Adding access to TreeDyn on since the results of MAFFT or ClustalW. TreeDyn is a manipulator of phylogenetic tree.
(2006 Chevenet F. & al. TreeDyn: towards dynamic graphics and annotations for analyses of trees.)
Visualization of the phylogenetic tree or guide tree using Phylodendron
November 2010:
Intallation of MAFFT (multiple alignment tool) (2010 Katoh K. & Toh H. Parallelization of the MAFFT multiple sequence alignment program.)
July 2010:
Adding access to from the Tools menu or from a Multicriteria search.
(2008 Dereeper A & al. : robust phylogenetic analysis for the non specialist Nucleic Acid Research.)
Ability to achieve: Blastp, Blastn, Blastx, tBlastn. Results viewable as an image.
June 2010:
Visualization of gene structure where coordinates are available.
May 2010:
Installation tool CIWOG that tracks the evolution of common introns within a family of proteins.
(2009 Wilkerson MD & al. Common Introns Within Orthologous Genes)
January 2010:
DNA, CDS and cDNA/consensus field have been included and will be filled progressively.
Sept 2009:
PeroxiBase is hosted by the Bioinformatics Plateform of Toulouse
July 2009:
New option allows generating multiple alignment file and phylogenetic guide tree file directly from BLAST result
Multicriteria search and result of any other request.