A. Introduction

The graph of co-expression allows you to visualize the expression of the peroxidases from Arabidopsis thaliana and also some reference genes. All expression data were taken from the Bio-Analytic Resource for Plant Biology.

B. Data selection :

First of all, you are invited to enter one or several gene ID from TAIR (e.g At5g67400) up to three different genes ID (delimited by a comma) :

The next step is to choose one dataset from the followed ones :
  1. Bio-Analytic Resource, GCOS Normalization, TGT500
  2. Tissue Series, RMA Normalization
  3. Extended Tissue Series
  4. Stress Series
  5. Hormone Series
  6. Pathogen Series
  7. Seed Series
  8. Root Series

Then, if you want a global view of the dataset you can just click on "run" or you can pick one or several categories from fields "Research Area(s)", "Tissue Type(s)" and "Growth Stage(s)". For a multiple selection you have to hold down the ctrl key and click on the ones you like.
You can find more information about the growth stages on the TAIR site.

You're now ready to go and you can click on the "run" button !


The graph you have generated is composed by two types of informations. On the Y axis you can read the value of the expression, on the X axis you have the categories chosen : research area(s), tissue type(s) and growth stage(s) from right to left of the graph.

When you put the moose over one bar, a tooptil tells you which categories and which values are represented by the bar.

To reach the next level of information you just have to click on the bar you're interested to, and you will see the Ecotype, the timecourse and if the experiment is a control or not.

To go back, you just have to simply click on any bar.