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GECA: Gene Evolution/Conservation Analysis for Eukaryotic gene families.

Fawal Nizar1,2, Savelli Bruno1,2, Dunand Christophe1,2 and Mathé Catherine1,2,*
1Universite de Toulouse, UPS, UMR 5546, Laboratoire de Recherche en Sciences Vegetales, Castanet-Tolosan, France;
2CNRS, UMR 5546, Castanet-Tolosan, France.

Abstract :

Summary: GECA is a fast, user-friendly and freely-available tool for representing genes exon/intron organization, comparing them and highlighting changes in gene structure among members of a gene family. It relies on a protein alignment, completed with the identification of common in-trons in the corresponding genes with CIWOG. Then, GECA produces as a main graphical representation the resulting aligned set of gene structures, where only exons are up to scale. The important and original feature of GECA is that it overlays to these gene structures a symbolic display of the sequence similarity between subsequent genes. Noteworthy, the combination of a gene structure drawing with a similarity representation allows rapid identification of possible events of introns gains and losses , as well as risk of annotation inaccuracies. The output image is generated in portable network graphics format which can be used for scientific publications.

Availiblity and implementation:Web-implemented version and source code are freely available at
Supplementary information: a detailed example can be found at