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Id Name Taxonomic group Organism Class Sequence Status Author Action Select
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3882 GfCIIBA01 (GfMnP01 / mnp0109)  Basidiomycota Ganoderma formosanum Other class II peroxidase type A complete Christophe Dunand View
1673 NbPrx01   Eudicotyledons Nicotiana benthamiana Class III peroxidase complete Bruno Savelli View
1053 OsPrx43   Monocotyledons Oryza sativa ssp japonica cv Nipponbare Class III peroxidase complete Filippo Passardi View
4154 POsPxc01   Betaproteobacteria Polaromonas sp. Bacterial peroxicin complete Filippo Passardi View
179 ZmPrx16 (Peroxidase12 / POX12)  Monocotyledons Zea mays Class III peroxidase complete View