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PEP Genomic CDS cDNA
Id Name Taxo Orga Class Status Author Action A  I  N
Id Name Taxonomic group Organism Class Sequence status Author Action Select
5638 DmGPx02-A (PHGPx)  Ecdysozoa Drosophila melanogaster (fruit fly) Insect glutathione peroxidase complete Christophe Dunand
3317 HsEPO (EPX)  Deuterostomia Homo sapiens (human) Eosinophil peroxidase complete Myriam Duval
4554 Mfa2CysPrx01 (PrxI)  Deuterostomia Macaca fascicularis Typical 2-Cysteine peroxiredoxin partial Christophe Dunand
4450 MfaPrxV   Deuterostomia Macaca fascicularis Atypical 2-Cysteine peroxiredoxin (type V) complete Nicolas Rouhier
4556 Mm2CysPrx01-2 (PrxI / Mm2CysPrx01-2)  Deuterostomia Mus musculus (house mouse) Typical 2-Cysteine peroxiredoxin complete Christophe Dunand
4505 Mmul2CysPrx01 (PrxI)  Deuterostomia Macaca mulatta (rhesus monkey) Typical 2-Cysteine peroxiredoxin complete Nicolas Rouhier
7623 PabePxd01 (PXDNL)  Deuterostomia Pongo abelii (Sumatran orangutan) Peroxidasin partial Marcel Zamocky
4534 Ssc1CysPrx (PrxVI / PRDX6 / AOP2 / PHGPX)  Deuterostomia Sus scrofa (Pig) 1-Cysteine peroxiredoxin complete Christophe Dunand
5272 SscKat01 (CAT)  Deuterostomia Sus scrofa (Pig) Catalase complete Marcel Zamocky
4454 SscPrxV   Deuterostomia Sus scrofa (Pig) Atypical 2-Cysteine peroxiredoxin (type V) complete Nicolas Rouhier