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Id Name Taxo Orga Class Status Author Action A  I  N
Id Name Taxonomic group Organism Class Sequence status Author Action Select
4538 Bmor2CysPrx02 (PrxII)  Ecdysozoa Bombyx mori (domestic silkworm) Typical 2-Cysteine peroxiredoxin partial Christophe Dunand
4423 Bt1CysPrx (PrxVI)  Deuterostomia Bos taurus 1-Cysteine peroxiredoxin complete Nicolas Rouhier
4419 Dr1CysPrx (PrxVI / prdx6)  Deuterostomia Danio rerio (Zebrafish) 1-Cysteine peroxiredoxin complete Nicolas Rouhier
4107 GgaPGHS02   Deuterostomia Gallus gallus H synthase complete Christophe Dunand
4937 Gmor1CysPrx (PrxVI)  Ecdysozoa Glossina morsitans morsitans 1-Cysteine peroxiredoxin complete Nicolas Rouhier
3710 MmGPx02   Deuterostomia Mus musculus (house mouse) Animal glutathione peroxidase complete Marcia Pinheiro Margis
4508 Rno2CysPrx01 (HBP23 / PrxI)  Deuterostomia Rattus norvegicus (Norway rat) Typical 2-Cysteine peroxiredoxin complete Nicolas Rouhier
4454 SscPrxV   Deuterostomia Sus scrofa (Pig) Atypical 2-Cysteine peroxiredoxin (type V) complete Nicolas Rouhier
4509 Xt2CysPrx01 (PrxI / prdx1)  Deuterostomia Xenopus tropicalis Typical 2-Cysteine peroxiredoxin complete Christophe Dunand