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PEP Genomic CDS cDNA
Id Name Taxo Orga Class Status Author Action A  I  N
Id Name Taxonomic group Organism Class Sequence status Author Action Select
5283 AaeKat02   Ecdysozoa Aedes aegypti (Yellowfever mosquito) Catalase complete Christophe Dunand
4104 AalPxt01   Ecdysozoa Anopheles albimanus Invertebrate peroxinectin complete Marcel Zamocky
4151 AgaPxt01   Ecdysozoa Anopheles gambiae Invertebrate peroxinectin complete Marcel Zamocky
4423 Bt1CysPrx (PrxVI)  Deuterostomia Bos taurus 1-Cysteine peroxiredoxin complete Nicolas Rouhier
3353 CfaLPO   Deuterostomia Canis familiaris (dog) Lactoperoxidase complete Christophe Dunand
5638 DmGPx02-A (PHGPx)  Ecdysozoa Drosophila melanogaster (fruit fly) Insect glutathione peroxidase complete Christophe Dunand