Common Introns Within Orthologous Genes (2009 Wilkerson MD & al. CIWOG) seeks commons introns in groups of orthologous genes or families of paralogous genes. Common introns are detected from their position and sequence conservation in the corresponding protein alignments.

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CIWOG from Blast needs 3 types of inputs:
  • a Gene structure file.
  • a genomic sequence in FASTA format.
  • a protein sequence in FASTA format.

This procedure can also be lauched following the results of a Ciwog from Search.

Ciwog from Blast

[example: complement(join(exon_1_start..exon_1_stop,exon_2_start..exon_2_stop))]
Sequences longer than 5'000 aa/nt will be truncated!

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